The Brown Water Snake

The Sacramento Brown water snake comprises of large species of aquatic snakes found in the South Western region of the United States as well as some parts of Africa. Brown water snake is also referred to by many names , including; California False Moccasin, water pilot, great water snake, water rattle, and the pied water snake.

The Brown water snake can best be described as heavy-bodied; however, its neck is distinctly narrower than its head. The dorsal region has a brown or dark-brown colour, and there are blotches alternating on both sides of the Sacramento snake. The ventral region of the snake is predominantly yellow in colour with some dark brown and dark shades. The dorsal region has between 26 and 34 rows. A typical adult California brown water snake measures between 30 and 60 inches in length.

Mating between adult males and females normally take place in the springs, especially on land or on branches of trees. The adult female is normally larger in body size than the adult male. The young ones are normally born alive , and they come in brood of between 30 and 50. The young ones are usually born around the months of July and August, and each measure between 7 and 11 inches. The young ones are normally longer than the females.

Life cycle
Just like most other snake species, the Brown water snake has a lifespan that varies between 12 and 18 months, with the exception of few Sacramento species living beyond 2 years. The survival rates of the young Brown water snakes are quite low from birth.

Brown water snake is predominantly found in the swamps and streams and most people often mistake it for a venomous snake, whereas it does not belong to poisonous species of snakes. The Sacramento snake also migrates unto the land occasionally when the weather conditions are warm enough.

The Brown water snake consumes predominantly aquatic animals, including insects, toads, frogs, and small fishes. The California snake is capable of swallowing these Sacramento animals alive or strangles them inside water or on land. Most times Brown water snake only eat insects and other and animals when they migrate to the land.

As a California water snake, the reptile can swim at an incredibly high speed, especially when a prey is locking around, thus , it is quite faster than humans when in water. The Sacramento snake is not venomous, but it can strangle its prey or swallow them ,depending on their sizes.

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