Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Squirrels?

People have come up with all sorts of ideas to clear their homes of Sacramento wildlife. Some of these ideas are far from efficient and lack sufficient evidence of success. Urban animals are often displaced in a world organized largely for humans. Many species have been displaced, while others have been introduced as invasive species. These animals often find our homes cozy and inviting, especially during unusually hot or cold weather changes. Many California homeowners take the preventative approach immediately to avoid a problem. However, many preventive methods have been proven irrelevant over the years.

Mothballs have been used for everything to keeping cats out of gardens, to rodents in the attic. This is, obviously, not the intended purpose. There are indeed pesticides in mothballs, to keep the pesky moths away only. These pesticides are known to be incredibly toxic to humans. They are intended only to be in closed spaces where they cannot be hazard to the air household members are inhaling. Hemolytic Anemia and cancer are some of the side effects of mothball use. ON top of the health problems, these do not even work to repel California squirrels. In the attic, there is appropriate ventilation to keep the smell down enough that squirrels are not bothered by it. The heavy pesticides end up moving downward in to the home and ventilation of the residents instead. Using mothballs to deter Sacramento squirrels from your garden is more likely to poison the crops than repel rodents.

Ammonia is a common household item that is commonly thought to be effective at repelling squirrels. Ammonia is also present in urine. This fact may be why people think it will work to repel squirrels. The myth that the urine of predators will keep Sacramento rodents away may be the basis for this common practice. There is no evidence to back up this claim. It is recommended to soak rags in ammonia and leave them in the attic or walls, wherever you would like to discourage California squirrels. This does nothing but add chemicals to the air in your attic, possibly compromising your family’s health. Ammonia is another false method that has become an urban practice for rodent repellent.

Chemicals and Your Home
It is always recommended to research any chemical you plan to use in your home. There is no reason to compromise the health of your family while trying to eliminate squirrels. Pesticides can be especially dangerous when used incorrectly. The toxins in mothballs can be fatal when inhaled in large quantities over time. Ammonia cannot be mixed with other cleaning agents or it may also result in fatalities. These products should only be used for their intended purposes and not for attempted Sacramento squirrel repellent. Proper squirrel eradication takes some time and patience. There is no quick fix.

Before trying home remedies and odd methods for squirrel removal, you should check with appropriate businesses that specialize in proper removal methods. Take care to keep your family safe from chemicals used in inappropriate ways. Mothballs and ammonia are not effective or safe for California squirrel removal or prevention. Structural changes to your Sacramento property are often the best at preventing unwanted squirrel visitations. Meet with a professional to take the guesswork out of rodent repellant.

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